Use the S1MONE Consumer app to report a defect quickly and easily.

Leaks, water heaters that do not work or solar panels that show a problem. You undoubtedly have experience in reporting defects or submitting repair requests. You search for the right telephone number, work your way through a long menu and

then wait on the phone. It takes half a day and you then need to stay home to let the repairman in. And then you hope that the repairman has the right spare parts, so you do not need to make a new appointment.

I’m S1MONE. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I connect objects to QR codes to make it easy for users to send maintenance reports through their smartphones.

My easy to use system takes away all these irritations by giving you a way to report a problem within a few seconds with your smartphone. Just send some clear photos and a brief description to the manager, who will then deal with the issue.

All you need to do is download the free S1MONE Consumer app. Then fill in your details at the top right and it is ready for use. Use the app to report defects quickly and easily, and keep track of the process.

My unique chat function streamlines communications. It’s modern and clear for everyone. Imagine, the repairman is stuck at the wholesaler and sends a WhatsApp that he will be fifteen minutes late. That gives you just enough time to get a cup of coffee from your favourite café around the corner.

A reporter could be a tenant or a user of an object.

An object could be anything. A house, a boiler, even a complete building or public utility such as an underground waste container.

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