I’m S1MONE. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I connect objects to QR codes to make it easy for users to send maintenance reports through their smartphones.

Repairmen receive reports from different Property Managers every day. The information is frequently incomplete and you end up going to do the repairs with the wrong spare parts. It would be so helpful if you could just ask the reporter a couple of quick

questions first so that you can be better prepared. Complete information is crucial if you want to tackle the defect quickly and properly, thereby ensuring customer-satisfaction.

My unique chat function makes communications between all the relevant parties clear. The chat messages are immediately connected to the report process so that your file is always up-to-date.

A clear dashboard shows you at a glance which of your technicians is available where, and helps you organise your reports and communications easily. Upon arrival, the technician checks in by scanning the QR code. This is immediately noted in the log. Upon departure, the technician checks out and the reporter is requested to rate the work done and the completion.

My film shows how a repair request for a defective boiler in a rented property is received. I show the type of problem precisely, the type of boiler, the exact location and how you can contact the reporter directly.

I connect objects to QR codes and let users report problems easily using their smartphones.

An object could be anything. A building, for example, or a public utility or an underground waste container.

A user (the reporter) is a consumer or a tenant of a building, for example.

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