Property manager

S1MONE is a useful tool for many people, including property and public space managers, tenants, users and building contractors.

With your experience in managing objects, property and real estate, you receive incorrect and incomplete repair requests or defect reports every day. Just trying to understand the requests and reports so that you can instruct the repairmen is a time-

consuming task. A simple photo will often make the problem clear in one go. This saves you a lot of unnecessary delays, which can save you time and money.

This is how I make sure that the irritations associated with reporting defects and breakages are a thing of the past. By sticking unique QR codes to objects, you can receive each report with a description and photos and can process them easily. This gives you a complete report that is immediately connected to an address or location.

I use all the communications tools there are. Take my unique chat function for example. It makes everything clear for everyone involved. The chat messages are connected to the defect report process so that your file is always up-to-date.

Forwarding the report to a repairman is very easy and my app automatically suggests the quickest route to the object. Upon arrival, the repairman checks in by scanning the QR code. This is recorded in the log and is visible to you. When he leaves, he checks out and the reporter is asked to rate the work carried out.

This facility allows managers to stay abreast of completed reports and they know that the work has been done properly.

My QR code stickers can be used almost anywhere. You can stick them in offices, in meter cupboards in houses, on boilers or on public utilities such as underground waste containers or bus shelters.

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