S1MONE Privacy Statement

This S1MONE B.V., henceforth S1MONE, privacy statement informs you about how S1MONE uses your personal data, henceforth data or personal data.

1. General

S1MONE is a mobile app and an application with which clients can manage objects that they manage or own. S1MONE connects these objects to QR codes, and users (‘reporters’) can simply use their smartphones to report problems (‘defects’) with objects. These objects could be houses, bus shelters, containers, playgrounds etc.

The online application, henceforth the application, allows clients to view reports, communicate with reporters and pass reports to the employees (‘repairmen’) that handle the defect. S1MONE also has a mobile app for consumers to report defects and a mobile app for clients and their repairmen (the ‘pro app’) which allow them to make reports and manage reports.

S1MONE processes personal data for both its own purposes as well as at the request of clients. This privacy statement explains how we process the personal data for our own use and, for information, how we do this for our clients.

1.1 Personal data for our own use
The personal data that we use for ourself are the data of contact persons of our clients or potential clients. In processing this data both are viewed as ‘clients’.

1.2 Personal data for clients
The personal data that we process for our clients as the ‘processor’, is the data that is gathered via the mobile app and in the application. This is data from the reporters that report defects on the mobile app (these could be tenants or other users of the mobile app) and persons that work at or for our clients (users of the application) and repairmen.

2. Summary

In summary, the personal data is collected because we need it to offer the app and the application to reporters, our clients, their employees and repairmen. We do not sell any personal data, but use it exclusively for our own purposes or for our clients.

3. What data is collected?

3.1 Personal data via the mobile app (as processor)
We offer individual reporters a mobile app in the usual app stores. The app can be used to report defects to the client.

You add your name, telephone number and e-mail address in the app. Without this data our client will not be able to contact you about the defect. You can add images related to the defect to the app. You are requested not to take photos of other people such as your children or other residents, and preferably not of yourself unless this is strictly necessary in connection with the defect.

The app also has a messenger function that allows you to exchange messages with our client.

3.2 Personal data via the S1MONE application (as processor)
Personal data is also processed in the application, that is, the name, the name of the client, the e-mail address and telephone number of the users of the application and the pro app.

The client can view the related personal data of the app users only in connection to the relevant object so that they can respond to the defect. If the location is your home, the manager will receive the address of your home.

3.3 Personal data of contact persons at clients (the responsible party)
We process the personal data of our clients’ contact persons for our own purposes (as the responsible party). These are basic details such as: name, the company you work for, e-mail address, telephone number, and other relevant personal data in communication with you. We process this data in our CRM system and may also process it through other channels or systems such as e-mail or through our website (via a contact form).

4. For what purposes are your data used?

4.1 What does the client use your data for?
Our clients themselves determine the use of your data, but will primarily use it for the following purposes:

  • To be able to identify you and to connect users of the application and the pro app to clients.
  • To make it possible to make an account and to secure the account and login to it.
  • To be able to send electronic confirmations of the report.
  • To contact the reporters about the reported defect.
  • To manage defects and to communicate with the repairmen about the defect.
  • To analyse defects.
  • To make it possible for us, if necessary, to block users of the application and pro app.
  • To recognise the browser and/or the device that you use for the app or application.

4.2 What do we use the data of contact persons of clients for?
We use the personal data of our clients’ contact persons for the following purposes:

  • To be able to identify you.
  • To communicate with you about questions or complaints and to provide service information about the app or application.
  • To add an account/manager account in the application and to secure the account.
  • To be able to offer the application so that you, as the contact person of the client (manager), can use its functions.
  • To update our internal administration.
  • To meet our administrative obligations (this refers to your name as the contact person on the invoice).
  • To maintain a commercial relationship with you.

5. What legal grounds governs the use of your personal data?

5.1 Legal grounds for processing by clients
In all probability, the clients will use your data on the basis of the grounds (‘legal grounds’) listed below:

  • The data is required for the justified interests of the client (or that of another). This concerns the following ‘justified interests’: the interest of the client to receive reports from you; to be able to communicate with you about defects; and, when necessary, to provide information about the app and application.

5.2 Legal grounds for processing for ourselves
We use your data on the basis of the grounds (‘legal grounds’) listed below:

  • We require the data of our contact persons for our justified interests. This refers to the following ‘legally justified interests’: our interest to enter into a contract with your client; to communicate with you; to maintain a commercial relationship with you; and to keep an internal administration.
  • We are required to store information in our financial administration to meet our legal administrative obligations.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we can request a particular process without your permission.

6. Is it mandatory to give your information?

Yes, some data that is requested through the mobile app and application is mandatory. This is specified in the app and application. The personal data is required to enable you to use the functionality of the app and application.

7. With whom is your personal data shared?

7.1 Clients
We cannot say who our clients pass your personal data to because we do not have this information. However, we can explain the following:

  • S1MONE does not have access to the personal data that we process for the clients.
  • IT companies. We use IT companies that store and manage your personal data. These IT companies are located in Europe. These IT companies process your data in the capacity of our sub-processors.
  • Exchange of data with suppliers of clients. The mobile app is intended to report defects to clients. The personal data of the reporters is passed to repairmen through the app so that they can handle the defect. These suppliers will only use the data for carrying out the repairs.

7.2 Personal data of contact persons held by clients
In principle, we only use your data for our own purposes. But it may be necessary to share your data with others in the cases below.

We share the data with the following types of entities:

  • IT companies. We use IT companies that store and manage the data. These IT companies are located in Europe.
  • Bookkeeper/accountant. In connection with our bookkeeping, we may share a limited amount of data (name on the invoice) with our bookkeeper/accountant.

8. Is your personal data shared outside the European Economic Area?

No, your data is not shared outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It is only stored on servers that are located within the EEA.

9. How long is your data stored?

9.1 Personal data in mobile app and application
Clients themselves decide how long the data of employees will be stored in the application. Clients can delete the data themselves. In general, information about defects in combination with your name, telephone number and e-mail address are kept for 2 years after the defect is reported, unless there are important reasons to retain this information longer, for example a legal procedure. After this period the information about the defect will not be kept in association with your name.

9.2 Personal data of contact persons held by clients
We do not keep your data any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we collect them, receive them and/or use them. If the relationship with the client ends, we will keep your data for another two years, unless you inform us that you want your data to be deleted before this time or if we need to keep it longer to maintain contact with you. Data is kept in the financial administration for the statutory period of seven years.

10.  What rights to you have?

10.1 General
By law you have the following rights in regard to your personal data. You may:

  • request a copy of and access to your personal data;
  • receive information about the processing of your personal data;
  • have any inaccurate data corrected;
  • make incomplete information complete, given the purposes for which they are collected and/or used;
  • have your data deleted;
  • have your data ‘limited’;
  • object to the use (the processing) of your data;
  • retract your permission for the use of your data. Retraction then applies to the future use of your data;
  • obtain the data in a usable format and, if technically possible, to transfer them in this form to a third party if you have supplied the data yourself or if you have created the data yourself (e.g. if you use the app or the application), and you have given permission for this or the data is needed to carry out the contract, and if the data is processed electronically;
  • submit a complaint to the relevant privacy authority (this could be the monitoring agency in the country in which you are a resident, where you carry out your work or where there is a breach in the privacy legislation). In the Netherlands this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority).

10.2 Personal data in the mobile app and application
Most of your data is available in your own account. You can login and change the data. For access to any data that is not in your account, you can contact the relevant client directly.

10.3 Personal data of contact persons in client companies
To exercise your rights, you can contact us through the contact details listed under “What if you have questions or complaints?”

In some cases we have the right to refuse your request. Should this be the case we will inform you why we refuse your request. One reason is if we are unable to carry out the contract if we do not have certain information from you. We will inform you of this if relevant.

11. What if you have questions or complaints?

If you have questions or complaints about how we, as the responsible entity, use your personal data, please contact:

Noordeinde 162
2514 GR The Hague
The Netherlands
Phone us on: +31-(0)85-0027791
E-mail: info@s1monegroup.com

May we change this privacy statement?
Yes. This privacy statement is dated 4 June 2019. We retain the right to change this privacy statement. Should it involve important changes, we will inform you of these by e-mail or other means.

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