S1MONE, nice to meet you!

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I connect objects to QR codes to make it easy for users to send maintenance reports through their smartphones.

Over many years in property management, I have handled countless repair requests and defect reports. I have seen from experience that much time is spent on collecting the right details 

so that I could ultimately pass accurate reports to the repairmen. After many years of developing and testing, I am now proud to say that this will be different from now on!

Today’s technologies make it easier to organise the management tasks much more efficiently and to carry out the work that needs to be done. By placing stickers with unique QR codes on objects, I give you the opportunity to receive each report with photos and a short description so that you can deal with them quickly. 

The reports are complete and are linked to an address or location. Whatever it is that you manage, you can use my QR code stickers. The minute your objects have stickers, I make your management task easier.

My application is very user friendly and is easy to connect to your management software.

My application helps make your communications effective and clear and will boost customer satisfaction. You do not need to change your management programme as I will connect my information flow to your current software. Once installed you are ready to go.

The S1MONE Professional app is available in the app stores for managers who have a subscription. For the users making a report, there is a free S1MONE Consumer app. This app makes it easy to send reports and the completed repairs are listed, organised and stored.

Do you want to see how it works? Test my application free of charge and see its value! It is so easy to use that you can use it straight away and do not needing any training. S1MONE will help you manage repairs quickly and simply.

My subscriptions are flexible so you will not be bound by long-term contracts or obligations.

But should you wish to enter into a long-term contract, just contact one of my account managers to arrange a great introductory discount.

I have thoroughly tested the high-quality stickers myself. This is why I have the confidence to give you a long guarantee on readability, colour fidelity and wear and tear resistance.

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